School of the Future

Providence Innovation Academy, the school of the future is here.

To claim the future, Providence Innovation Academy is leading in “Creative Innovative Education”.

Providence Innovation Academy brings real world experience into the classroom. This is done in 2 ways. 1-As community members who represent various businesses share their expertise as guest instructors and 2- Students are also involved in participating in real world work activities such as real estate investing, shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships.

Providence Innovation Academy is a school where we incorporate values into the everyday learning environment. Students say the ‘Pledge of Allegiance“, everyday along with prayer. Scriptures and stories are used to illustrate correct principles.

Some of the reasons we are unique are:
• Students are taught the value of true leadership and problem solving through real business mentors.
• Our students are guided in creative power thinking exercises (pondering/meditating)
• We are consistently exploring and implementing innovative methods that keep your child’s interest in class.
• Students are taught to see and recognize their unlimited potential.
• We create a fun learning environment
• Students advance as quickly as they choose
• Mentor instruction through business apprenticeships give our students real world experience that can be included on a resume.
• Students learn that mistakes are not the enemy. They are valuable learning tools

Creative Innovative Education
A creative innovative education is the movement created by bringing creative excitement back into the learning environment.

It is easy to see what it is not. It is not the process of placing all students on the same level “playing field” giving them exactly the same prescription of course work so all students have exactly the same level of understanding and knowledge. As stated in Utah Core Standards, “They help Utah teachers ensure academic achievement for Utah students by defining the essential knowledge, concepts, and skills to be mastered at each grade level or within critical content areas. They define what students should know and be able to do to as they move on to post-secondary training, college, or a career.” And according to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, “the Common Core State Standards establish clear, consistent guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do.”

This form of industrial education is making everyone the same, and it is not working. The reformers are trying to reform the industrial ed. model into an industrial education complex. They are working on symptom fixes rather than the fixing the root of the problem.

Creative innovative education is fixing the root of the problem. Because everyone is unique, with different talents, abilities and interests there comes a time when a revolution is necessary to remove the old dogma and replace it with a system that celebrates the individual in their pursuits of knowledge. Our great nation, “The United States of America,” was founded on this idea.

We find it necessary now at this time to stand and affirm our independence and hereby declare everyone is entitled to an education following the dictates of their own heart and not that forced or coerced by any government or institution.

Schools are formed for the sole purpose of assisting in the education of children and individuals and should not dictate what that education should be or look like. Creativity is and should be the common bond between the student and the school.

Individuals have been endowed from their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, to pursue learning in whatever form or style best suits them. They have the right to choose the method or methods used to support their pursuit of life liberty and happiness, as long as they harm no one and pay everyone their just dues. They have the right to determine the scope of learning they deem necessary to provide their base of knowledge allowing them to pursue their goals, how, where, and when they choose.

The information age is well underway and is changing the landscape of education. With equal access to content on the internet this is the best way to create a level playing field for students to learn what, where and when they want. It is no longer necessary to accumulate knowledge on subjects that are extraneous to a student’s goals. Any additional information required after a student has graduated is now available at the click of a mouse on the internet for a fraction of the time and cost of a specific course.

Join the Creative Innovative Education Revolution and break the chains of the “Common Standards” of mediocrity in education. Join us by removing the shackles and taking responsibility for personal learning in a structured self-guided environment where the interests of the student guide the educational process allowing them to accelerate, experience excitement in their learning and reach pinnacles of excellence.

We invite any and all concerned citizens to unite with us by providing funds to help us perpetuate this revolution and create a society of creative thinkers.