What do parents and students have to say about Providence Innovation Academy?






Rachel S.

I have been so impressed with Providence Innovation Academy. I had three children that went to Providence. My oldest Dane excelled more at Providence than any other school. I believe it was because of the teachers that became mentors to him, the one on one that was available and the atmosphere and caliber of most of the students there. Dane has returned to public high school because his father preferred traditional school. The difference I see in his desire to be at school and his performance there has decreased dramatically.  He struggles with his grades. The teachers do not care enough to ask him what assistance he needs nor do they have the time because of the student load they have. He is not one to seek out what needs to be done so, unless I push him constantly to do so.  I find out only at parent teacher conference or if I call.  Dane has told me he misses the friends he made at providence. The first time I saw him go out of his way to be a part of something extra was the constitution bowl. He studied and competed with excellent individuals. We miss the atmosphere and environment of Providence Innovation academy.

Sophie W.

“I love this school and I love private schools. This school offers the ability to go beyond learning. I learn so much. I like that this school has options to choose from. We can choose classes, we are not rushed and we can learn at our own pace. This school opens us up to the reality of our lives. This school has the Holy Spirit and has a home like feeling. I love going to school now because no one is mean or bullying us.

The teachers are so cool and they become very close to our hearts and also the people are very kind, loyal, and loving. The morning devotionals are great and the teachers teach us on things that make us smarter. I love that you can be yourself. You can learn so much and the teachers help you in your work.

I honestly loooove this school. It is the best school I have ever been to. The administration has grown this year and made this school awesome. I always want to go here, and I love the environment. I’m excited to go here next year.

Thank you……..Sophie W.”

Payton Fisher

My name is Payton Fisher and I attended Providence Academy when I was about 14 years old. My experiences were wonderful. I want to share a little bit of my story before I talk about the school.

Growing up I had many struggles with schools. In the fourth grade my parents moved across town and that is where my school problems started. In the fifth grade I was teased extremely bad for being the new kid in school. It got so bad that we decided to try home schooling. That was a serious challenge because my mom had an in home business that took her away from spending as much time with me. I had/have serious problems with learning and a lot of time was needed to help me learn. I tried the same school out my sixth grade year and the same problems happened again. I ended up transferring to school after school for the next several years of my life. Than another traumatic event happened in my life, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was only 14 years old. His treatments were in Salt Lake City so we up-rooted from Council Bluffs, Iowa, where I grew up, and moved to Lehi, Utah. After a brief try at public schooling I knew I was not going to ever make it in that type of schooling. At the age of 15 my father died of non-smoking lung cancer. Around this is when we stumbled across Providence Academy.

I cannot remember exactly how my mother heard about Providence, however, she was always on the lookout for something better for my schooling. The school was located in Salt Lake City about 20-30 minutes north of where we lived in Lehi; but thankfully one of the instructors lived close by and I was able to catch a ride with him every day.

Providence Academy was a heaven sent! For once in my life I actually felt like I fit in somewhere. The school had all of the church standards built into a school. We were able to start everyday out with a prayer. All topics could be related back to the true meaning of life. Seminary was also right in school and we didn’t need to get release time to go. We talk about the different ways to learn and actually apply how we learned best. For instance, I am a visual and hands on learner, in school we did a lot of visual demonstrations and hands on projects; I loved that! When a teacher knew I was struggling they would spend more one on one time with me or another student to make sure we understood what was going on. On the contrary, when a student was excelling the teachers were able to give them different work so that they would not get board in class. Some of the students were ready to attend college when they were still in high school.

I would love to be a part of Providence Academy again one day in whatever capacity I could. I would hope we could bring a private LDS school to Southern Utah. I know it could really help children from all walks of life.


Heather Liddiard

My name is Heather Liddiard I was a former student at Providence Academy.  I loved that this was an LDS-based private school.  I was not exposed to any of the negative influences or curriculum my peers at public school experienced.  I had the blessing of being able to go to school and say prayers daily!  We were encouraged to invite the spirit in to help us learn in our studies. It felt very safe in that respect, to learn and grow with the spirit of God guiding us.

We were encouraged to excel at our own pace, which meant that we could go to college early, which some of us did, including myself at age 15.  By age 17 I had earned an Associates Degree.  I think that it’s wonderful to not be held back by grades but to challenge my intelligence, and to freely speak my thoughts and beliefs out loud!

One of my favorite classes that impacted me a lot was my seminary class and instructor; I still remember a conversation we had years ago that has still stuck with me.  Another favorite class I had was karate.  I loved how our instructor incorporated gospel teachings and values into martial arts. We had a remarkable teacher who I will also always remember. I loved it!  I remember my teachers being kind mentors and friends, these people have greatly enriched and blessed my life.

Another truly wonderful gift each day was to pledge allegiance to the flag, putting my hand over my heart.  This taught us to respect our country and our God.  It was wonderful to feel the spirit during this time.  We were taught the important values of respect and modesty.  Daily we invited the spirit as we talked about God.  Now that I am older and have a child I would love to have a place like Providence Academy to enroll her.   I feel so strongly that public schools are detrimental to our children’s spiritual development and safety.  I completely recommend Providence Academy to help teach our children by the spirit of the Lord in a safe, morally right environment.

I am grateful that my loving parents took so much care and concern about my education to send me to a safe, clean, spiritually centered, LDS-based school – Providence Academy.