Vision Statement

Vision Statement

We at Providence Innovation Academy envision a school where individual children and adults may come and learn how to think and be creative. We teach students how to live on a creative foundation where abundance, cooperation, true capitalism, and production thrives.

 We help our students to know the awesomeness of who they are. This is essential in their rise to greatness. Students must be taught and reminded of who they are and their great potential. This has to be taught in a way that students believe and develop a understanding of who they are, that cannot be taken from them.

 We motivate our students to develop a love of learning through presenting real life applications of each subject. Helping them to see the benefit each subject plays in our society, and more importantly the personal benefits in their own lives. 

 We know that students graduating from Providence Innovation Academy will be leaders who have developed a firm commitment to morality, integrity, and a firm understanding of academics.  They will have developed a love of learning that will carry them throughout their lives.

 We realize our goals by establishing an educational partnership with parents is essential. Creating strong families happens as students understand who they are. Parents have better relationships with their children when they have a knowledge of their divine nature.

 We see a school who teaches correct principles in every subject, taught in a way that demonstrates the correct application of each principle in our society. Our teachers are able to teach these principles guided by the Holy Spirit, allowing the influence of God in the lives of our staff and student body. We envision using the scriptures as guides and anchors for each subject, firmly cementing us to truth.

 Our curriculum must be different than the accepted or standard type of curriculum to achieve these results we envision. To this end we developed our curriculum with the end result in mind. We are teaching our teachers a new format and teaching style that allows individual students to advance as quickly as they are able while others may advance at a different pace. This teaching style creates a new paradigm in learning and every student learns line upon line in an organized format that results in higher retention.  

 We know athletics, music, drama, dance, and the other arts are essential to the development of a well-rounded person. And each of these programs is vital to our vision. 

 We envision Providence Innovation Academy as the model school, which many other schools will be drawn to emulate. 

 The main campus will consist of many educational programs or schools within a school, designed to allow students to begin their education in kindergarten and matriculate to an associates or bachelor’s degree, through a partnership with an existing university or college or by establishing our own program.  Also included will be specialty schools for in-depth studies of film and fine arts, trades, computer science, health research, business and other areas of endeavor.  These will all be available to our students who are academically prepared, regardless of age, each one progressing at a student’s own speed in an environment created to build excitement in learning. 

The Institute of Film and Fine Arts will teach film making including creating a story, writing a screenplay, producing and distributing films.

Trade Schools will teach different trades giving the student hands-on experience learning and performing the work required in each trade.

Computer Science will teach computer components, hardware, software development and fluency in business applications including word processing, spreadsheets and databases.

Health Research Institute will research the health and nutrition of students through bodily fluids, and musculo-skeletal analysis.  Students will learn how foods and exercise affect the body.  They will learn about the systems of the body.  Medical field programs will be available to prepare students for nursing, EMT and other patient care opportunities.

Business School will help those students desiring to start businesses, and partner with each them as long as they are at the school.  When the student leaves the school, he or she will take their business with them and pay a percentage back to the school as a royalty.

Other school programs will be created as the need arises.  Each program will teach with the same basic success and spiritual teaching principles.  Income streams will be developed through each school to provide additional funding for each program. 

 We must move our society one community at a time away from the entitlement and competitive foundations onto a creative foundation.

 We see many campuses in other locations and across the nation that will be designed after this model school, including a worldwide interactive online education program. As we open satellite campuses, many of our courses will be available via the computer/internet so that our students in other parts of the country will be able to obtain these educational programs.