Donate to Providence Innovation Academy

Providence Academy Building Front

Providence Innovation Academy welcomes your help to educate children.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the students of Providence Innovation Academy through your donation.

Here at Providence Innovation  Academy we don’t only teach students basic academics. We provide our students the environment, opportunities and resources to gain a full education and develop to their full potential. Giving them the start to a happy, successful and complete life. We accomplish this goal through Christian-based values, real-life work experience, untainted academics and the key element, a highly motivated staff with a love of learning.

We cannot do this type of education under the traditional “public school” method. And because of this, we do not receive any state or federal funding. However, we do want to provide this opportunity to as many children as possible, including those who cannot afford the tuition costs. This is where your donations come into play. Using your donation funds, we are able to offer scholarships to students of families who could otherwise not afford to attend.

To donate you can either send a check to the school at the address below or call the school at 435-674-5555 to pay with a credit card.

If you have any questions about where your donations will go or general questions about the school, please feel free to call us at 435-674-5555 or email us.

Providence Innovation Academy
37 S 200 E #A
St. George, UT 84770